One thing I discovered when I became an LEO was the “law breaking disease”…I’ll make an analogy. People run red lights. Many are just “normal citizens” who made a mistake or just like running lights; but its amazing how many times Ive seen someone blatantly blow a light (screw traffic law) and when I stop them find that they have suspended licenses (screw showing up for court), a bag of weed in the ash tray (screw that law) and an open warrant. There are probably millions of middle class citizens who smoke pot but are smart enough to do it in their homes and not get caught. Most of my arrests for weed were of bumbass kids lighting up in public or driving around with it in their cars…or of people afflicted by the “law breaking disease”.


2 thoughts on “lawbreakitis”

  1. I used to spend some time pondering the motivations for some people’s behavior. I think that perhaps people just weighed the “feel goodness” against the repercussions of getting caught and found that hedonistically, the pleasures outweighed the punishments. Society teaches us that if we work hard and toe the line, play by the rules and keep our noses clean, we will be successful and happy. That’s pretty much bullshit for most people. The truth is that life is a constant struggle with as much if not more downs than ups and money and fame doesn’t equate to happiness and a life worth living necessarily. This “lawbreakitis” is just how people self medicate creating the illusion that life is better than it is. That, and dealing with these people is how I pay my bills.

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