SEALS save the day


I just have to give an attaboy to the SEAL shooters who finally put an end to the pirate stand-off near Somalia. Simultaneous head shots on targets in a moving ship, from a moving ship. At night nonetheless. Thats damn great work there.

Story here.


3 thoughts on “SEALS save the day”

  1. Outstanding performance all around. Kudos.
    But, and I don’t want to sound like a dick (but it seems like I’m a dick about 70% of the time I comment. Guess I’m just a curmudgeon-in-training) here, but I’ve read three different accounts (MSM, to be sure, so take it for what its worth) that the SEAL “snipers” took the shots at the lifeboat whilst it was being towed by the Bainbridge at the gobstopping distance of…wait for it…20 meters. The poor guys probably had to “dumb down” their optics for that kind of shot.
    Mind you, I’m not criticizing, but let’s ixnay on the ipernsay talk if the shot was 20 meters.

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