cops and blogs pt.2

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An interesting article in the New York Times:

The Officer Who Posted Too Much on MySpace

In pictures, Vaughan Ettienne is a champion bodybuilder of surreal musculature. In conversation, he is polite and thoughtful.

And in the looking glass of his computer screen, he becomes a man of fierce, profane views on how to keep law and order. A few weeks ago, he posted a description of his mood on a MySpace account. “Devious,” he wrote.

The next day, a man accused of carrying a loaded gun would go on trial in State Supreme Court in Brooklyn — and in large part, the case rested on the credibility of Vaughan Ettienne, bodybuilder, Internet user and arresting officer. 

Which only serves to illustrate the point I made in my previous post Cops and Blogs. In this day and age one can’t be too careful with what he posts on the net. If this officer had posted nothing but “serve and protect”, America, Mom and Apple Pie, even if it were all lies, he would have been fine. Post some bravado, black humor or something that can be twisted to cast you in a bad light and some attorney will do that twisting. In the end, officers need to look at what they say on the internet as if they were saying it in front of a news camera.

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