presenting to target



4 thoughts on “presenting to target”

  1. Footwork, footwork, footwork…. I guess it’s universal.

    I like the idea that stances exist because ‘we’re always going somewhere’ instead of ‘stance’ as ‘standing’ because stances are really snapshots of transitions.

  2. Note how the pro shooters emphasize footwork. Note how swordsman (Musashi, Munenori, etc) emphasize footwork, Note how the fighters (judo, BJJ, boxing, MMA) emphasize footwork.

    Gee, think there might be something to it?

    Would solicit the various SMEs that comment here for feedback: Musashi said that the swordsman’s fighting stance should be his walking stance, and his walking stance should be his fighting stance. Does this translate for shooters?

    1. Absolutely. I have always questioned the styles that push contrived…”unnatural” stances and foot work. Under pressure humans will tend to revert to what they “train” the most and IMO you get more natural footwork training than the way you move around all day long. I think that many modern tactical schools are on the right track when they look at how people naturally act under stress and develop footwork and tactics based on that rather than try to train in “unnatural” responses.

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