the SPEAR system

Tony Blauer has made quite a name for himself in LE and military circles with his SPEAR system. I have had some introductory training in SPEAR and this little vid is a good encapsulation of the base of the system.

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6 thoughts on “the SPEAR system”

  1. The training I got from Tony Blauer is some of the best I’ve had. Particularly, I felt like SPEAR could be incorporated into and improve existing skills, and didn’t have the usual “everything you’ve learned up ’til now needs to be kicked to the curb because this system supersedes it.”

  2. Good stuff but not revolutionary other than how it is presented. You will find this same material in many systems. Still I like how Tony teaches and take nothing away from what he has done! He has certainly helped many people out and that is the bottom line!

  3. Beyond just saying, “yeah, what they said!” I’d just like to second Brian’s comment. This is not revolutionary material, and it is found in some systems, but in the systems where this material is found it is foundational and absolutely crucial, and in the systems that don’t make use of these concepts – that’s the reason for a lot of suck.

    Cool video.

  4. The Blauer approach is similar to SCARS and other stripped down/tactical approaches:

    Teach ’em what they need and make sure they can do it in their sleep…

    I like how it is ‘learner centered’ instruction and not ‘system centered’ instruction.

  5. I totally agree with you in this area. All the technical prowess in the world isn’t going to help if you are going to be stupid or wreckless or careless in a given situation. Tactics play an important role in surviving a self defense situation, with or without guns involved. Tactics, along with the basic psychology of fighting and violence in general are not often taught inside many dojos and i don’t understand why. i think these two things, more so than technique, play a bigger role in actually helping someone survive a violent encounter. To teach self defense without mentioning tactics and psychology is to not teach self defense at all. Yes you provide the tools, but you don’t teach people what to do with them.

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