top posts

These are listed as some of the top posts on my blog. Not exactly what I expected but here ya go:

10 Things About The Entertainment Industry That Piss Me Off

10 Oddball Skills That Could Save Your Ass

What They Say…What It Means

Embrace The Suck

And oddly…

The “About” page of my blog.

It’s a bit of education on this “blogging thing”. It appears that a few of my posts hit digg or stumbleupon and got a spike in traffic (but few comments). However most of my “regular readers” seem interested in the topics that this whole effort is intended for; “warriorship”, fitness, martial arts and law enforcement. While some people probably want the “hits”, I think ill be happy conversing with people of “like mind”. I have no delusions of becoming the next “Huffington Post” anyways.


One thought on “top posts”

  1. Good mentality. Better to be credible in a small, close knit community than ‘popular’ in a global community. It’s easier not to buy into your own legend that way.

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