the front squat

The Front Squat. Most people avoid doing them, as I did until recently. They are awkward, painful and you cant lift as impressive an amount of weight with them, but they provide some benefits that the back squat cannot. The major benefit of the front squat is the fact that your stomach and back muscles are engaged in order to hold your upper body upright. This is part of the pain and fatigue that scares people away from the exercise, but once you begin to get stronger in this particular lift, you are strengthening your core musculature almost as much your legs. A  “more bang for your buck” benefit that makes this exercise worth a closer look.


2 thoughts on “the front squat”

  1. Like the overhead squat. These are all ‘cod liver oil’ exercises IMO. Really good for you, but don’t taste good and don’t feed your ego.

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