Continental 3407

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I received the call-in that no police supervisor thinks he will hear last night… “you have to come in Lt , there was a plane crash”. While Continental 3407 didn’t go down in my jurisdiction, the airport is in my town and there is an incident response plan that includes our involvement. As plans go, it is not a bad one and response was fairly swift and co-ordinated. Again…as plans go, they never quite go “as planned”. The location that was designated as the family assistance center was never quite “hammered out” so we offered our town’s senior citizens center as a substitute. I was tasked with coordinating the set-up and security at this location. It can be reassuring for a cynical cop to see how the public can come together during moments like this. People were calling to volunteer their time, others were driving over with food and a number of local businesses came with supplies. Neighboring law enforcement agencies sent personnel and vehicles over to my location…without being requested…no questions asked…to help with security and traffic control. My department of course was involved from the start and we sent manpower to the crash site in the neighboring jurisdiction to help.

When the families started to arrive, it was of course heartbreaking. So many different people all effected by one single tragedy. In this job one starts to get used to seeing emotion and grief, but rarely do we see it on such a large scale. Please keep ALL of the victims of this tragic event in your thoughts and prayers.

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