the myth of the sword

I especially liked the part about the myth of “blade on blade” contact. For those of us who study the Filipino Styles, that little bit of fact/opinion/data can make you think about some of the things you have seen taught as “blade arts”.


One thought on “the myth of the sword”

  1. Pretty informative. I also liked the blade on blade section. For FMA’ers, the ‘swords’ that are considered ‘weapons’ were mostly improvised field tools, so they would probably be even more susceptible to chipping and breaking. In recent times, many are made from salvaged metals and not forged. Flat suspension springs from old cars were a popular source for blanks, I’ve heard.

    The most i would recommend is ‘slapping’ with the flat of the blade in order to redirect, but not block, a blade to open lines of attack.

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