Last Spring I had the honor of attending the 233rd Session of the FBI National Academy. The FBINA is a 10 week course for LE leaders and administrators that has been hosted at the FBI Academyin Quantico Va. since the 1930’s.

Police Officers from around the US and the world attend the FBINA to take college level courses in subjects as varied as; interview techniques, forensics, counter terrorism and Constitutional Law. The Academy mandates that students take a physical fitness course that can be as demanding as you want to make it. There is also an optional physical challenge called “The Yellow Brick Road” that culminates  in a 6 mile run combined with the USMC OBS “E-Course” obstacle course.

The FBI agent who was my sponsor told me that the FBINA was “1/3 Academic, 1/3 Physical Training and 1/3 Networking and Socialization”. He was correct. While I was there I met some great people, had some great times and saw some great sights. Washington DC and Old Town Alexandria were just down I-95 and Gettysburg only a few hours North.

I learned a lot, got into great shape by taking advantage of the FBI’s spectacular facilities (came home with a Yellow Brick), made some new friends and got to tour a historic part of our nation. And the weather was spectacular compared to Spring where I live.

If any LEO’s who read this blog have an opportunity to attend…I know that 10 weeks away from the family can be tough, but it is an experience not to be missed.

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