HR 218


Walther P22 Handgun
Walther P22 Handgun (Photo credit: Anas Ahmad)

Before you do any traveling, here are some tips about your right to carry a firearm to another state based on HR 218, the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act.  Pass this article on to anyone in your department that might need it.

An informative post about HR218 and interstate firearms carry for active and retired law enforcement officers is posted over at Spartan Cops. HR218 is perhaps one of the most important laws effecting LEO’s to come out in recent memory,  and still one of the most unclear. I must admit that while I have carried interstate since its passing that I do so with a bit of trepidation. Im not so worried about getting into a gunfight (Sturgis) as I am of accidentally exposing my weapon in public, having a civilian report a “man with a gun” and then having to explain HR218 to some rookie in a jurisdiction far from my home.


8 thoughts on “HR 218”

  1. For retirees like myself the vagueness of the bill makes us more leery to carry into other states, especially the south, where retired and active NYPD are not looked at kindly. And for whatever the reasons alot of us retirees embarrassingly don’t.

  2. NYPD and it’s commissioner, Ray Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg makes it clear that guns are not allowed within city limits if you are not a permit holder from NY. NYC has always been a hostile legal environment for lawful carry whether off duty or retired with this mayor infamously reaching over his boundaries into southern states to control guns (VA). His message is clear and one would assume the south’s message is a clear response.

  3. Robert, that is a myth. I worked for a Texas agency for 25 years. Every officer from any jurisdiction was shown professional courtesy (including having his weapon on him).
    I do not know any officers that feel the way you described. However, when our officers are not shown the same courtesy, it is possible that a few do not consider New York officers to be TRUE POLICE OFFICERS.

  4. Robert, As a former New Orleans Police Officer, we didn’t care where you held a badge…a cop is a cop and we treated all with professional courtesy. However, having worked closly with NYPD and NJ officers, I can see how attitudes common to your region could be misunderstood.

  5. They say one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. I disagree with this. I have been treated with respect and professionalism, through most of the Southern states. The Texas DPS however, is a adifferent story. In particular, a trooper in Sonora County.

    NYDP Retired in Texas

  6. Air travel fir HR 218 is the same as it is for any other civilian, in my experience. I flew to O’Hare with my gun locked in the belly of the plane. When I landed, I retrieved my luggage, went to my rental car and loaded up.

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