ultimate combat conditioning

Here’s a little clip of a video offering from Paladin Press.


2 thoughts on “ultimate combat conditioning”

  1. I love the benefits of improvised training tools for fitness and conditioning. I’ve been getting a lot of mileage out of a 48lbs pack, medicine ball, elastic bands, heavy synthetic ‘rattan’ stick and other fun tools (wood splitting maul and wedge and pry bar for example) that keep me thinking while I work out.

    For self defense focused training – even fitness – I like the idea of a ‘thinking on your feet’ component to the game.

  2. I agree with the whole GPP idea, but right now it’s all a little crazy.
    I don’t understand why you would buy a log, screw handles into it, add some poles for extra weight, and then tell people that they can just use dumbbells. Just because it’s a big hunk of wood doesn’t mean it’s better.

    I also think he needs to learn how to properly do a deadlift or pick up a heavy weight before he hurts his back.

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