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I just found this great site for the Law Enforcement crowd out there.

Spartan Cops is a blog administered by Scott and Matt, officers with over 15 years on the job who are first line supervisors in a medium size municipal police department in Texas.

They have put together a great resource of LE information that I have just started to delve into. One post I particularly like is “The Importance of Felony Stops and 6 ways to Reinforce Them”…a snippet:

A consistent problem among officers is failing to do a felony stop at the end of a chase.  The videos at the end of this article are just a few that show approaching the vehicle immediately after a car chase has a serious strategic flaw that is overcome by performing a felony stop.

So why do so many officers do it?  I couldn’t find any research on this issue, but conventional wisdom maintains it is the thrill of the chase and the adrenaline dump that goes with it. 

There is an instinctual response from us when a suspect runs.  We chase. Cops chasing robbers is like dogs chasing cats.  If that isn’t your natural instinct, I question your heart as a police officer. And when the suspect has wrecked out, bailed out, or given up, we see the prize at the end of the chase and get tunnel vision on our opportunity to close the gap and grab the prize…

If you are in the field of Law Enforcement, these officers have put together a site that is worth your while to take a look at.


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