do you want to be? or just say you are?


Retired Navy SEAL Senior Chief Don Shipley runs a little biz called “Hell Night”, a 24-Hour “BUD’s lite” endurance marathon. The course is designed for kids who think they want to become SEALs. It allows them to get a little taste of what they are in for.  It also attracts the older “could have been” crowd who want test themselves and say…well…”I could have been”.

I don’t know anything about the man or this program to make any sort of judgement on the motivations for running it. Public service…profit…or all of it; Hell it sounds like a good retirement gig and the man knows a thing or two about what he is saying. The first 2 minutes may fool you…you have to wait for it, but if you do you will hear some words of wisdom.

Take what this man is saying and think about it. Few people reading this (if any at all) would be able to become a SEAL, but what he is saying applies to A LOT of what I am trying to get across in this blog. Do you do this stuff because you want to BE? Or are you doing it because you want all of the benefits of being able to SAY you are? Do you have a purpose higher than propping up your ego or impressing the masses?

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