10 ways to get out of your workout rut



Let me state from the “get go”…I am not a fitness expert, just a guy who likes to workout and do so with an eye towards “functionality”. Refer to your coach/doctor/priest/life counselor/whatever… before trying anything I may suggest here.

Im not the biggest, strongest, fastest, fittest, etc. guy in the world, but I have been able to maintain a level of fitness that has allowed me to “hang” with a respectable crowd in Army Basic, PLDC, Police Academy, SWAT School, FBINA, 5k’s and other competitions and physical tests.

The bulk of my training centers around running, weight training and CrossFit style GPP workouts. Sometimes I have to chase suspects and that’s usually wearing a ton of crap..the end of which sometimes results in having to struggle with people (GPP/Crossfit). I add in jogging and a 5X5 weight lifting program for a simple base of strength and fitness to support my other goals.

Sometimes I like to throw in oddball stuff as a challenge or just as a way to test myself in a manner different from what my body is getting used to…because in the end “training” can only approximate “reality” just so much. Its good to have an “eye opener” every once and a while to keep yourself honest and realize that you are not as fit or well trained as you may think you are. Some of these were just “try it” workouts, some I did for a “Cycle” (I cycle my workouts on a seasonal basis) and some I do all the time.

These are 10 such workouts.

1. GET OUT AND PUSH: I covered this one in a previous post. Pushing and pulling a vehicle in neutral across a parking lot is a great overall body workout and an intense cardio effort. Be ready to waive off do gooders who think you are broken down.

2. ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK (or wherever): Here’s another one that is sure to get some strange looks. Find a fence and jump, climb, hurdle it..then jump back over again. To really add a challenge, take a pack/duffel or sandbag and throw it over..jump the fence…then throw it back over again..repeat.

3. GO AHEAD AND FLIP OUT: Find a big truck or tractor tire (w/o the rim knucklehead) and lay it flat. With good lifting form, squat down and pick up one side and flip that sucker over in an explosive, powerful move. To add to this one, flip it…jump into the middle…jump out the other side…turn around and flip it again…repeat.

4. KETTLEBELLS ARE NOT MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: They are an old Russian torture device that can give you one hell of a workout. Thats a picture of mine above. Theres way too many things you can do with them than I can cover here..go google it.

5. I’M WITH THE SUBURBAN COMMANDO SQUAD: I load up a rucksack and hump it a few miles through town every once and a while. Do it often enough and you will discover that many of your friends and co-workers drive through your town and start to wonder how well they really know you. Do at your own risk..if you do something stupid this can lead to joint injuries and other such inconveniences.

6. “OUCH BABE”: Another one I covered in a previous post . The 100 Burpee workout will show you that your own body is all the equipment you will need to kick your own ass.

7. FLEEING FELON: This one may just get you tackled by a cop if you are stupid about it, but if you have a place to play “grown up tag” where the neighbors wont call 911 when they see you, give this a shot. Give your partner a head start then try and tag him. Jump fences, hurdle ditches, break a leg…I probably would if I did it too often. I used to do this with my friends “back in the day”. Its as “functional” as you can get.

8. WORKING ON THE CHAIN GANG: Take that same tire from above and add a sledgehammer. Stand on the tire or next to it and slam away. Be sure to alternate grips to get an even workout…and watch your feet.

9. SLED DOG: Fashion a harness and attach it to a cheap plastic sled. Put some weight plates in it and do some sprints. You may have to fashion a way to keep the plates in the sled.

10. GRASS DRILLS: Like my Drill Sergeant used to tell me… “GO SMOKE YOURSELF PRIVATE!!!” Get someone to give you orders for a set period of time: GO=High step run in place, STOP=Drop into a 3 point stance, BACK=Flip or drop to your back, FRONT=Flip or drop to your belly. Add to these basic commands things like PUSH UPS, SIT-UPs, BURPEES, BEAR CRAWL, SPRINT (out and back), ROLL LEFT, ROLL RIGHT…the imagination is the limit, my Drill Sgt. once had us pick up the person behind us and run around the company training area with him over our shoulder.

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