Alpha Male Vs Predatory Threat

An interesting post over on Low Tech Combat

The ‘Alpha Male’ is typically an intoxicated male who wants to prove either to himself, his friends, a girl or a combination of the above, that he is the top dog. He can beat anyone. He is a hard man. This type of person will often pick the biggest guy around to fight for no other reason than he is the biggest. HE wants to be the biggest, strongest and fastest male around!

The ‘Predator’ is very different. He wants to choose a weak victim. He wants someone who will not fight back. The ‘Predator may simply want to take something from its victim such as a wallet or money. Kidnapping is also something a ‘Predator’ engages in as is Rape. They will avoid the strong and go after the weak.

Go and read the rest:

Then read my Magic Formula post. It sounds like we subscribe to the same philosophies.


3 thoughts on “Alpha Male Vs Predatory Threat”

  1. Absolutely. While I am the last to disparage fighting skills, sometimes I think people forget that in civilian application fighting means you have missed every opportunity to avoid confrontation.

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