10 oddball skills that could save your ass

8 ball..
8 ball.. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Odd manipulation skills: Learn how to use your “off hand” for various tasks. Learn how to use your feet to pick things up or manipulate door knobs, light switches etc. You never know if you will be forced to operate minus your “strong hand” or any hands.

2. Eyes wide closed: Try doing your entire shave/shower ritual with your eyes closed. Try moving about your house while blind. Do your weapon manipulations with your eyes closed. Field strip a weapon blind.

3. Never take the same route twice: For a week take a different route to ALL of your common destinations-and a different one back.

4. Call me the mechanic: Perhaps not “odd” for some, but many people are totally clueless when it comes to basic car repairs. Learn how to keep your ride running, even if its with wire and chewing gum.

5. I’m where?: Name the street, direction you are heading and closest cross street wherever you are driving. Start out with the GPS for help but then be able to do it without one.

6. Where am I again?: At random times ask yourself “if I had to call 911 on my cell phone could I give an address? Or at least a good description of my location?”

7. Fence hopping: Take some Parkour lessons, being able to outrun a pack of wild pit-bulls could be useful.

8. Like Tom Cruise in MI: Learn how to ascend and rappel a rope.

9. Escape Artist: Find the escape routes in every place you go. If they are not alarmed or against the rules to use, use them. Find out where that back exit takes you. Find those “back alleys” in your local mall in case you need to run and hide from a BG.

10. Presto!: Learn one magic trick and figure out a “combat application” for it. Palm that key to make good your escape from your Spetnaz interragator. Distract that masked psycho killer so you can slide that butcher knife up your sleeve.

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5 thoughts on “10 oddball skills that could save your ass”

  1. That is some cool set of odd skills. I’ve heard fo friends who have taught themselves to juggle, write backward with their nondominant hand, etc… It’s not uncommon for us to play blind in judo or aikido class. We also will play in corners or backed up against a wall. It’s good to spar or do randori with different rule sets each time, to keep the players sharp.

    Thanks for the interesting tips.

  2. There is actually a boatload of brain research out there about the increased ‘sharpness’ (my term instead of calling it ‘intelligence’ which is a loaded term) and ‘crossing the centerline’ by learning tasks left and right sided, engaging in artistic, logical, mathematical, musical and a wide variety of activities.

    I’ve even seen hockey dry land training programs that included juggling while walking stairs or dribbling a soccer ball at the same time.

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