the cops “right hand” man


Dealing with the public is a “hands on” job so you have to protect your paws. There are a lot of situations and people out there you wouldn’t want to touch with a ten foot pole but sometimes you “gotta do what ya gotta do”. If you think that there is a good possibility that you may have to physically deal with a person I would recommend that you pick up a pair of good gloves.

There are a couple of good stories I have where I wish I had put my gloves on.

One time I had to bail out and chase a couple of car thieves. After jumping two 6 foot chain link fences, ejecting handcuffs, sunglasses, batons and other gear like a fireman tossing candy from a truck during a parade; I managed to catch one. As I was cuffing him up (with my spare set) I saw blood everywhere. The tops of chain link fences are sharp! And what do you think are the things that get sliced up?

The second time was when I was searching a vehicle. Looking into the pocket of a seat back I observed a multi-colored tubular object that I thought was a drug pipe. When I pulled it out with my ungloved hand (IDIOT!!), I found out to my chagrin that it was a lubricated “adult entertainment device”. While my colorful response was much to my partners amusement, I was far from pleased.

Lesson learned…wear your gloves.

These weathered road veterans are a pair of Hatch RFK300 Resistor patrol gloves. Kevlar lined, they provide a measure of cut and puncture protection and the leather exterior guards against abrasion, fluids and the elements. I have a number of different gloves “in rotation”. As they age they move from my patrol bag to my off-duty jacket pocket to my hunting gear box. A $30-$60 investment you will not regret.