the tactical reload

The Tactical Reload: You are in a gunfight and have fired a number of rounds. You are not “out” yet so you do a “tactical reload”; which is a technique where you exchange the magazine in the weapon with a fresh one during a “lull in the fight”, giving you a fully loaded weapon. You retain the old magazine and put it in a pocket or back in a magazine pouch. Conversely, the “speed reload” is just stripping out the old magazine to the ground and ramming a fresh one home as fast as possible. Typically done when you have run to lockback.

Proponents of the tactical reload argue that you should have as much ammo in the weapon whenever possible, which is difficult to argue against.

You gotta think though…only about 20 or less years ago, my dept. was carrying .357 magnum revolvers. Lets see 6 in the gun, maybe 2 speed loaders and if you were serious another 6 in a strip loader on belt or in pocket. Total of 24 rounds with 3 reloads to expend all rounds. I can crank out 46 in 2 reloads. You would only want to crack open your cylinder and top off if you were damn sure there wasn’t another BG around.

If I thought I had fired over 1/2 my magazine in the initial exchange I may tac reload..if I thought of it. If I knew I only fired 3-6 rounds, I wouldn’t want to divert my attention by fumbling with my magazines. It would suck to have a BG pop up with one in the pipe and no magazine in….would it be worth the risk for those 3-6 rounds??

However, to say to not train it at all is extreme.

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