a few self-defense thoughts

1. Your mind is your greatest asset or weakness, depending on how seriously you take self-defense.

2. Accept that it can happen to you and probably will sometime in your lifetime.

3. What if… What would you do? This is where you need to think about the response you will make if put in any imaginable circumstance. Then develop a plan of action for each event. It’s much easier to make a wise decision when you have had time to think and prepare instead of when you are suddenly confronted without warning or planning.

4. Visualize your plan. I call this mental imagery training. It’s a must if you’re serious about self-defense. You visualize a perpetrator attacking you and you visualize your measured and strong response. You must be able to see yourself taking action and exerting the will to win.

5. Always follow your gut feeling. The golden rule is “If something seems wrong, it probably is.”

6. Weapons are no good if you don’t know how to use them confidently and effectively and a weapon is no good if you can’t get your hands on it immediately.

7. Never go with an attacker to a second location. Your first priority should be to get away, no matter what you have to do.

8. Ninety percent of all criminals use some method of deception to attract their victims.

9. If an attacker has grabbed you, focus on the parts of your body that are free and the attacker’s weak spots (eyes, groin, throat, little finger, etc.) and use them to get away.

10. Never pull a weapon you are not prepared to use. It could be used on you.


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