musashi on martial arts

The Japanese ronin Miyamoto Musashi killing a ...
The Japanese ronin Miyamoto Musashi killing a giant nue – print by Utagawa Kuniyoshi, nineteenth century (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“If we look at the world we see arts for sale. Men use equipment to sell their own selves. As if with the nut and the flower, the nut has become less than the flower. In this kind of Way of strategy, both those teaching and those learning the way are concerned with colouring and showing off their technique, trying to hasten the bloom of the flower. They speak of “This Dojo” and “That Dojo”. They are looking for profit.”

-The Book of Five Rings

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operational longevity

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English: A typical Deutsche Bahn railway station clock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I get older and continue to train I find myself considering how to balance effective training with”operational longevity”. For example, during workouts I try to push my limits but sometimes find myself so sore later that I worry about it interfering with my work. Its not due to being out of shape, but what I could shake off in my younger days isn’t so easy to shake off anymore.

Just before my promotion and reassignment to midnights, I was working out in a boxing gym and doing some groundfighting2-3 times a week. With the boxing, I liked to do some sparring, but was unclear on how hard I wanted to go. Getting my bell rung or KO’d on a regular basis wasn’t what I was interested in. I have a job and a family I have higher priorities for. I want the benefits of being able to take and deliver punches but I want to save my 100% for work. I recently recovered from some sore ribs after some MMArolling that had me mincing around for a week. The training was fun and intense and I didn’t feel bad during or immediately afterwards. But latter…oh man! It got me thinking about how I want to structure my training for maximum benefit but with minimum injury or work impact. I don’t want to coast or regress, but I’m looking at staying as fit as possible for the longest possible time.

Perhaps that 40th BD has me in a tad of a mid-life crisis.

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