ring workout


Ring training is one of the Crossfit staples. The mainstay in their program is called the “muscle-up”. Which is basically a pull-up into a dip. I can’t do one of those yet. The transition between the the two components is my sticking point. Its functional application is in surmounting obstacles. It’s said that a person who can do a muscle-up can get over any wall or fence he can get a hand-hold on.

Used for dips, the rings tax the neuro-muscular system like regular dips cannot. Trying to maintain hand position combined with the dipping motion increases the physical effort of the dip to what some authorites claim is a 3 to 1 ratio. In other words 1 ring dip equals 3 regular dips.

Watching myself from this angle reveals to me that Im not dipping as low or getting as much “lock-out” as I should be.

My alibi will be that this is at the end of an X-fit workout where the athlete has to do 225lb deadlifts, box-jumps and dips in series for 21-15-9 repetition cycles, for time. So Im crapping out a bit at this point.

I purchased my rings from Mr. Tyler Hass of Ringtraining.com. For $80-$90 dollars you get a quality set of portable rings with mounting straps. They are durable, comfortable and easy to set-up. If you are looking to buy, check him out.

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