short rant


Departing a bit from the usual stuff I post here, but bear with me.

Something that I have issues with in the online community and in the real world is the anti-cop/anti-soldier crowd. Some people are just outright contemptuous and name calling…jackboot, babykiller, pig, etc. etc. Then there are the “I respect soldiers/cops, I really do, my brother is a cop, BUT…..” people who corner you with stories of beatings, abuse of authority, how some cop was “rude” to them on a traffic stop, how being a soldier or a cop is no more dangerous than being a cab driver or 7-11 clerk, why a cop can get out of a speeding ticket but they cant and on..and on….

Something I have always noticed is how predominantly “male” all these types are. Yes you do find the odd woman amongst the crowd, but by and large it seems to be guys with the biggest beef. Now some percentage of this group is just going to hate authority because they are always doing something illegal to draw their attention, but  IMO 99% of this phenomena is EGO. I wasnt always a cop and I remember the feeling you can get when another man with authority you dont have walks into the room. We all want to be the “big man” in the room no matter what a guy says. Next time you are with a group of guys and the topic of the military or LEO’s comes up, pay attention to who starts talking about how “they were going to join but…(insert some political bullshit here)” or how they will segue into some macho topic they have experience in (martial arts, weight lifting, bar fights, car racing, motorcycles, sports etc.).

Yes, some guys do overappreciate themselves once they get in uniform…mostly the young “newjacks” who still go around pissing on trees to assert their authority, I wont deny that. But in the grand scheme of things, at least in my experience, most of us are just normal guys doing our best to live up to our responsibilities. Any human endeavor is going to be subject to human frailties, and yes there will always be “bad cops” or “bad soldiers”, but by and large you will find some of the best people you will ever meet in those fields. Believe me, I don’t think I am a better person than “you”. I don’t know you. Perhaps you could kick the crap out of me, out shoot me, out run me. Whatever. I am just trying to do the best job I can.

And as to the “rude cops”…believe me…take the person who is telling the story into account. Many times its the attitude of the person getting stopped thats the issue…”why are you stopping me!!??”…”You only stopped me because Im…..(insert various things here)!!”…”Im calling my attorney!”….”Whats your badge number??”…..all this over a freakin seat-belt ticket. I have heard complaints that range from legitimate to outright foolish. One was to complain that the officer was shining a flashlight into her car. [sarcasm] The unmitigated gall of that officer. Can you believe that?!? [/sarcasm]


4 thoughts on “short rant”

  1. No..its that people make all of that fuss over getting a seat-belt ticket. Which, agree with it or not, they KNOW is against the law and can result in a ticket. Dont give me a hard time over getting a ticket for something that you KNOW can result in one.

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