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A little item that I cant recommend enough for dry-fire firearms training is a good training magazine. There are some excellent manufacturers out there making replica magazines out of high quality plastics that replicate the weight and feel of the real thing. Besides their obvious uses, using training magazines also provides the shooter with a safety indicator that live ammunition is not in the training area or in the weapon. The ones I use are made by Dillon Precision. BlueGuns also makes a quality product. For the cost of about $15, you get the benefit of manipulating magazines, performing reloads and clearing malfunctions added to your dry-fire training with the weight and feel of the real thing; plus the added safety of knowing that a live magazine hasn’t accidentally found its way into your firearm. A+


8 thoughts on “training magazines”

    1. I’ve never heard of something like that Dave. With the Glock, dry fire is an issue of trigger reset. If you want to hear that “click” and get a realistic trigger squeeze you need to run the slide.

      You can also replace the trigger mechanisim with a “dry fire kit”.

      However, replacing the entire trigger everytime you want to train has its downsides and from what I hear these kits don’t feel like the real thing.

      There are also entire guns you can find that look like Glocks but are dedicated training guns that reset and have built in lasers that show where you hit. These are pricey, from reviews I hear that the weight and trigger feel is a little “off”…but like with any training tool like airsoft, simunition, etc it’s more important that the tool is consciously chosen to accomplish a specific training goal. The only way to be 100% realistic is to get into real gunfights.

  1. The following information is supplied by my friend Paul F.

    The training trigger is from One Source Tactical, the mag from Dillon Precision. As far as I know, both are made exclusively for Glocks.

    My mistake on it being a mag.

    I know he loves it, but I’m not sure if he has to replace the entire trigger each time. He may have a dedicated Glock set up, for practice.

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