unusual workouts



My good buddy Paul and myself decided to give the old “car push workout” a try. Pushing and pulling a vehicle in neutral across a parking lot is a great overall body workout and an intense cardio effort. Its part of the latest (even though old-old is new again) “tactical” workout trend that focuses of whats called GPP which stands for General Physical Preparation.

Similar to the CrossFit workout that ive blogged about before, the goal of GPP is overall conditioning that enables one to handle any sort of physical challenge that a soldier, cop, or person forced into a “fight or flight” situation may meet. You don’t focus on becoming the biggest, the strongest or the fastest. You focus on trying to have  an acceptable balance of each. Logic would tell you that if your goal is to become the strongest, than the amount of time or physical ability to train for speed or cardio endurance would be limited. And focusing on speed would then hamper your goal of superior strength.

Anyway, we took Paul’s SUV to the Church parking lot and took turns steering while the other pushed, than pulled the vehicle the length of the lot. Whew! I’m tellin ya I haven’t pushed myself to the point of not being able to walk in a long time. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be hurting sore in a couple of days.


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