River Danube
River Danube (Photo credit: Istvan)

I like to think of “fate” as us all floating in a river. All of our circumstances determine how strongly the current pulls us along. Our genetics, our upbringing, our parents decisions, the decisions of others that have an influence on us all push us downstream to whatever destination awaits us. As we get older its our own decisions that allow us to swim across the current so we can get out at a point more to our choosing. If along the way we push other people under, I would like to think that the shore we land on wont be too pleasant. But I do think we all have some element of self-determinism available to us. Those who feel like they are not making any headway just have to keep on swimming (swimming…swimming…just keep swimming…) perhaps your decisions/actions are only just doggie paddles when you need to start a nice strong breast stroke. One thing is certain though, if you just give up and let the current take you, you might as well put your head under the waves and take a deep breath.

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