random thought

What is it about being a “Warrior” that attracts so many (mostly) men? You see it used in the military, LE and emergency responder circles as well as sports. When did it become not enough to be proud of the title “Soldier”, “Officer”, and so on? Is it the whole “individualism” thing? Or is it a legitimate title to use in our times to define say, a soldier who “lives and breathes the profession” vs. a kid who just enlisted for the college money, does what he has to to get by, and gets out at the first opportunity? Or the Cop who studies law, pays for his own firearms training and studies MA all to become better at his profession vs. the “ticket puncher” who is just counting the days till retirement.Is there a need in todays society for this sort of title differentiation? Is it just worthless ego boosting or a valuable “morale booster”?


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