my definition

I believe a true “Warrior” is someone who fights our enemies and puts his/her ass on the line for something bigger than himself. Pick the service that applies. Sporting events and dancing around in a dojo, or strutting around a gunrange in your 5.11′s and thigh holster doesn’t count. Many people want all the glory with none of the sacrifice and risk. And I mean REAL sacrifice and risk…as in risking your very life.
Private Joe Snuffy in Afghanistan is 110% more a “Warrior” (even if he never fires a shot in anger) than some hobbyist martial artist. Same goes for a volunteer fireman who wakes up at 3 am to pull someone out of a burning building. Just because someone wants to be a Warrior doesn’t make them one IMO. There’s a price to admission so I guess that does make Warriors “elite” in my definition. Making it “common” is the problem as I see it.
That said, theres nothing wrong with studying, emulating and training “as a Warrior”. But a person leaping into the fantasy of “being” a warrior who just happens to really be a guy who works at the Best Buy help desk and goes to class 2X a week is a bit lame IMO.



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